Calixto Suarez Villafañe, Director Human Rights Program of Indigenous Peoples at Canadian Human Rights International Organization, CHRIO

(…) Calixto Suarez Villafañe is a first nation leader and human rights defender, Colombia. Due to his strong commitment to social justice, Calixto has worked vigorously to improve the lives of people in need as well as victims of Human Rights violations in Colombia and around the world through his social work and community service. His first nations leadership  is recognized in our organization. (…)

(…) Calixto Suarez Villafañe is our representative on the ground who oversees a team of human rights defenders who follow our mission, vision and values to defend and fight for fundamental rights such as life, dignity, liberty, security and gender equality for the indigenous people. (…)

Letter from Mario Guilombo, Founder Human Right s Program and International missions Director for the Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO)